John, Owner/DogDad 

John is a Minnesota native whose career took him across the Midwest for many years before settling back close to home. Late in his travels, he rescued Dakotah. (Or maybe it was the other way around). A year later, Zeus, a charismatic Alaskan Malamute joined the pack.

After years of boarding his dogs at facilities across the country, he returned to his roots in Elk River and decided to open the facility he always wished he could find for his dogs, Dakotah and Zeus.
  • A great location that is easy to visit before and after work.
  • A full-service facility, including daycare, boarding, and grooming.
    • Drop your dog off for daycare, and we’ll take care of their grooming needs while they are here.
    • Every dog that stays overnight gets to play in the daycare.
    • Every food/treat product in our retail area is made in the USA and is healthy. Even our rawhide chews are American made. If it isn’t good for your dog, we don’t sell it!
    • Dakotah’s Doggy Daycare Hotel and Salon even has a coffee bar in the lobby, so pet parents can take a free cup to-go on their way to work!
  • Because a sudden change in your dog’s diet can upset their stomach, we encourage you to bring your dog’s food for overnight stays, but we won’t let any dog go hungry and we won’t charge extra if we provide their food.
    • Daycare is included with boarding, it’s not an extra charge like other places.
    • No extra charge for larger kennels. We ensure your pet gets a comfortable kennel, no matter how big they are or if you prefer to board multiple dogs together.
    • If your dog needs to take medicine, we don’t charge extra to give it to them.
  • Convenient drop-off and pick-up hours. Each overnight stay includes a half day of daycare after drop-off (after 1 PM) and a half day of daycare the day of pickup (until 1 PM.)
  • The cleanest facility possible.
    • We utilized epoxy flooring and hospital grade vinyl flooring to ensure that germs and bacteria can’t penetrate the floors. Most facilities use concrete and a sealer, which once scratched can harbor bacteria.
    • We provide clean bedding, but if pet parents wish to bring their own bedding, we will steam-clean it before it’s used. That way we keep the other pets safe from pests and germs that might be brought into the facility.
    • All of our dog dishes are machine washed to ensure that they are sanitary.
    • Our cleaning products are all dog-friendly and non-toxic.
  • An on-site caretaker, so your dog has 24×7 care. Many facilities lock their doors and send their employees home overnight, leaving your dog alone. At Dakotah’s, there is always a caring staff member available to see to your dog’s safety and comfort.
  • Professional staff.  Each Dakotah’s Doggy Daycare employee completes a full training program before working with our furry guests and receives recurrent training throughout the year.
  • A fun, stimulating environment. Dakotah’s Doggy Daycare offers a great environment for your dog, including:
    • Bright, large, well-lit indoor play areas;
    • Separate areas for puppies, older dogs, and dogs that are less social;
    • A large outdoor play area that includes agility play equipment and two wading pools!
  • You are provided with a daily report card, so you’ll know how your dog’s day went.
  • Webcams in our play areas, so you can check up on your dogs on our website.

Dakotah, Co-Owner/Lead Napper

Found wandering on the Pine Ridge Reservation, hungry and scared, Dakotah was picked up by a shelter in the Black Hills of South Dakota. He found his forever home with John. He enjoys long naps and studying the local squirrel population.

Zeus, Co-Owner/Lead Player

Rescued after Dakotah, Zeus is a matched in size only by his personality and friendliness. He loves everyone, he is full of energy and is incredibly excited to welcome his new playmates!