We hope you choose us to be there for your four-legged friends when you can’t.

  • No need to book ahead…just come right in!
  • Always supervised, dogs never left alone
  • Indoor and outdoor play areas
  • Subdivided play areas for active dogs, puppies, senior & dogs with special needs
  • Large and small dog play areas
  • Special introductions for dogs with socialization needs
  • Webcams
  • Options:
    • Full Day $24
    • $16 half day (up to 6 hours)
    • 1 Month unlimited Daycare - $439 Sunday – Saturday!

...add an overnight stay to your daycare!

Overnight Boarding

It’s stressful for many humans to be away from home. Our goal is to minimize your worry and keep your pets safe, relaxed, and happy.

  • DogTV on multiple monitors throughout our facility!
  • Climate controlled kennel areas
  • Multiple dogs from a family can be kenneled together
  • Kennels feature privacy panels to avoid fence fighting and calm anxious dogs
  • Indoor potty stations
  • You may bring your dog’s bedding. If you do, we will steam sanitize it before we bring it into the kennel area.
  • Water and food bowls are dishwasher cleaned
  • Hospital grade flooring to prevent spreading of bacteria
  • On-site 24 hour Caretaker...your furry friends are never left alone
  • We recommend that you bring your dog's regular food to keep their tummy happy. We will provide food if necessary, so no one goes hungry!
  • Overnight boarding $30 (includes two 1/2 days of daycare) - 24 hour care. No extra fees or charges. Additional dogs in the same kennel are 10% off. We will ensure your fur family has a kennel suitable for them to sleep comfortably.
  • Boarding includes:
    • No extra charges for daycare - 2 half days of play-filled daycare are included with each night of boarding
    • No extra charges for food
    • No extra charges for treats
    • No extra charges for for exercise or walks
    • No extra charges to give your dogs medications
    • No extra charges for large dogs – we provide the appropriate kennel for every dog.

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  • While your furred friend is staying with us, consider pampering her with a nail trimming or him with a shampoo bath, blow dry and comb through. Perhaps you'd even want the full treatment and add a haircut! Your baby will come home, tired, clean and extra happy!
  • Services:


    Our baths are a two wash bath followed by a blow dry with high velocity dryer.  Ear cleaning is included.  Nails are extra.

    • $20 small dog (Up to 30 pounds)
    • $32 medium dog (Up to 70 pounds)
    • $45 big dog (70+ pounds)

    Brush Out

    A Brush out is 15 to 30 minutes of brushing.  Bath and nails are not included.

    • $10 small dog
    • $20 medium dog
    • $30 big dog

    De-Shed Package

    De-shed package consists of a bath with our de-shed shampoo.  Blow dry with a high velocity dryer to get even more hair out followed by 30 minutes of brushing and an ear cleaning.  Nails are extra.

    • $45 small dog
    • $57 medium dog
    • $70 large dog

    Scissors Groom

    The scissors-groom starts with a brushing to work out any mats.  Cleaning of the ears. Plus nail trim with grinding.  The bath and dry are followed to get the excess hair out.

    • $55 small dog
    • $65 medium dog
    • $70 large dog


    • Anal gland Expression $16
    • Tooth Brushing $12
    • Nail Trim $16
    • Ear Cleaning $8
    • Canine Massage - TBD